The site

This site is still quite new, and as such somewhat raw. It will contain details about some of my projects, my contact information and some ramblings called blog posts. I'll add more content as I get time to write it. (No promises)

You can see some of the site background from my first blog post. I will elaborate on the technical details about this site in the coming posts.

Finally I have a place to show what I do and think about web development.

The author

Those of you who do not live and breathe the web, I guess you could say that I'm a web-nerd. If you'd want to introduce me a bit more nicely to someone, you might say something along the line:

He tries to make web-pages easier to use for the normal people. He can translate communication between "coder" and "normal"-human.

So I'm an excellent user experience designer, brilliant web front-end developer and all round good guy. (No, really I am ;)

Contact details

Avatar of Mikko Tapionlinna Mikko Tapionlinna
Mikko Toivo Tapani Tapionlinna
Arkkimaagi, Arkkis
Helsinki Finland